flavors-2Why Tropical Sno’s shaved ice is not your average snowcone

Are you  seeking a ten-minute vacation, an affordable luxury, a bit of self-indulgence,  a retreat from the heat of the day. At Tropical Sno we have created that oasis  of shave ice euphoria. We do this by selling the highest quality and best tasting shave ice in the world.

So what  makes Tropical Sno #1? To be perfectly honest . . . it’s our flavors combined with  the greatest snow on earth.  One taste  will convince you that no one does it better!

Our Flavors – We are dedicated to providing the best quality flavors  possible. Each flavor has it’s own distinct  “real-to-life” taste. When you order a Strawberry it actually tastes  like Strawberries. Order Peach and you will almost taste the fuzz. You can also  mix Peach with Orange  to make a “Fuzzy Navel” or mix Tangerine and Mango to make  “Tangerango”. The flavor concoctions are virtually endless.

Our Snow – Our machines produce  the highest quality snow possible. The snow that our machines produce is so  fine that it literally absorbs the flavor so you experience flavor consistency  from the first bite to the last.

We hope you will come in and taste the difference at Tropical Sno.  We strive to create the best sno cone Kansas City has ever been offered.  We believe once you try a Tropical Sno shave ice you will be spoiled for all other sno cones.