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Now Open for the 2016 season!

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Tropical Sno – Kansas City

At Tropical Sno we believe we make shaved ice that tastes so good that we don’t even like to call them snow cones. This isn’t hard crushed ice with syrups that sink to the bottom. We have our ice to keep it as light and fluffy as well… snow. We also use 40 “real-to-life” flavors the absorb right into the soft shaved ice. You can see and taste the difference with Tropical Sno. So, whether you call it a sno cone, snowcone, snow cone, shaved ice, shave ice, Hawaiian Ice, snowie, or by any other name, come to Tropical Sno. We believe when you taste the difference you will simply call ours the best.

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Not Just Another Snowcone

At Tropical Sno KC we take pride in serving the finest shaved ice with the widest variety of real-to-life flavors. No more chunky ice cutting the roof of your mouth. At Tropical Sno we shave only the finest ice, to ensure consistent ice-flavor ratio from first to last bite! Join the “tropiholics”, Find out what sets us apart.  Learn more about Tropical Sno.

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You Are Not Here

But you should be.  Click on the pictures above to get information on either our Martin City or Waldo locations.  We would love to see you at either one of our locations.  Hours, directions, a map, and other information that will make it easy for you to come see us is available by clicking the location you want to visit.  Martin City or Waldo

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Will You Be Our Friend?

We share all sorts of great information about specials, flavors, and the happenings at both locations over our social media sites.  Our Mom even says we are funny.  We think she is a little biased, but why don’t you come see for yourself.  You can even share your fun pictures with others.  Tropical Sno is social

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Real-To-Life Flavors

With over 40 flavors to choose from, our mathematician friends tell us there are approximately 4 trillion variations. We haven’t tried them all, but haven’t found a bad combination yet. Take a look at our menu and pick your favorite combination.  Tropical Sno has flavor.

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The Photo Gallery

Tropical Sno is the “taste-track” of summertime memories. That is why so many people love to take pictures in front of our modest booth. Check out some of our favorites and send us your favorite Tropical Sno pictures.  Check out our pictures.

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We Bring The Party To You

We love a good corporate event, charity function, or birthday party as much as anyone. That is why we bring Tropical Sno to your event. Your guests will love the fun and frivolity of our delicious shave ice and fabulous Tropical Sno. You will appreciate the small price tag that comes with it.  Tropical Sno – Kansas City catering.